6. Report Your Sustainability Performance


Take measures

Internal shortcomings

All employees should be familiar with the internal guidelines and how to act if they have suspicions of shortcomings in the company's sustainability work or a breach of the code of conduct. If you detect sub-standard process internally, either through monitoring or through the whistle-blower function, the company should take steps according to the set action plan developed, and detailed in Step 2. There should also be guidelines for how external parties can report inconsistencies or violations within the company.

Shortcomings in the supply chain

If a supplier audit reveals that there are shortcomings in the supply chain, the company should:

  • Point out the shortcomings to the supplier – it is not always the case that they are aware that they are doing something wrong.

  • Develop an action plan for the supplier with information on what is to be addressed and the deadline for when correction(s) should be implemented by the supplier.

  • Follow up and check that all measures have been taken.

  • If the supplier does not take the necessary action, you must consider whether to continue the partnership. If you have included sustainability conditions and/or the code of conduct in the agreement you have with the supplier, and defined the measures to be taken if requirements are not met, you need to implement the measures and/or consequences detailed in the agreement.

Serious shortcomings

If you discover serious shortcomings or violations in the value chain, you are welcome to get in touch with Business Sweden’s local office in the relevant market for advice on how to proceed.

If a crime has been committed, a competent authority should be notified in accordance with national rules and procedures.

When it comes to corruption cases, Transparency International’s Advocacy and Legal Advice Centres (ALACs) are available free of charge along with confidential advice for both the party exposed to corruption and those who have witnessed corruption take place.